Find us on FACEBOOK -> THE  WORTHING  SOCIETY Conserving , Preserving, & Safeguarding Our  Heritage The Worthing Society , originally the Worthing Civic Society (founded 1973), was formed in 1982. Its main aims are to conserve and preserve the architectural amenities of Worthing and the surrounding area, and to stimulate interest and research into the town’s history. It is concerned principally with conservation and preservation but also operates within broader terms to enhance the present conditions of the town and surrounding area, the character and life of which it is anxious to safeguard, and to act as a watch-dog for future developments.Many buildings of historical and architectural value to the town have been demolished over the years up to the foundation of the Worthing Civic Society.The Society regards it as vitally important to preserve buildings of historical significance, particularly the fine remaining examples of Regency,Victorian & later architecture.         GUIDE TO USE OF BUTTONS (Top of Page) Any news which would be of interest to our members is listed in a “rolling time line” which is updated regularly as the news breaks. We therefore recommend that members access this link often (at least once a week), by clicking on the “LATEST NEWS & ARCHIVE” button which is situated at the top right of each page of the Web Site. The latest activities of the Society are summarised together with other news items which we think wll be of interest to members. The content is shown for the current year by day within month, with links to previously published years and a link to a summary of the newsletters from the early years of the Society before they were published on the computer which give a very interesting insight into the early days of the Society. Those events which are likely to be of interest to the wider community and have therefore attracted significant interest (e.g. the unveiling of a new Blue Plaque or the siting of a commemorative glass panel on the pier) can be accessed by clicking on the “RECENT EVENTS” button which is situated at the top left of each page. It contains a more detailed account of a particular event together with a selection of pictures taken at the event.  If you would like to consider joining us you can read more about us by clicking on the “MEMBERSHIP LEAFLET   button at the top left of the page. The leaflet includes an application form. We welcome articles of interest to the Society from our members. If published, they are listed by category. Click on  the “MEMBERS’ ARTICLES” button situated near the top right of each page.  GUIDE TO USING THE NAVIGATION PANEL (See Top Left side of the Page)    Go to “LISTING & CONSERVATION” for more information on the work of the Committee We have set up a sub - committee with specific responsibility for the identification of buildings worthy of listing and submitting applications to the Listing Authority. Go to “CAMPAIGNS” for specific examples of our conservation efforts. The Society plays a key role in putting up Blue Plaques to commemorate notable people,buildings, or events in the town’s history. For those wishing to commemorate a Person / Building or Event by having a Blue Plaque erected, full details of the selection process can be found by taking the following link : BLUE PLAQUE SELECTION PROCESS  We also produce a series of leaflets to publicise the sites. Taken together these plaques and leaflets represent a “Heritage Trail” around Worthing. For more infomation go to “HERITAGE TRAILS, PLAQUES & LEAFLETS”. A regular newsletter is distributed twice a year. Go to “NEWSLETTERS” for the current and previous copies from 2007. Meetings are held quarterly, and include talks on topics of interest given by experts in various fields. There are also social events and outings, Go to “FORTHCOMING EVENTS” for full details. We are members of The Victorian Society, the Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Worthing Heritage Alliance , South Downs Society, and Open Spaces Society. For more information about these organizations and others with similar objectives to our own, go to “LINKS TO OTHER GROUPS Go to “PHOTO GALLERY” for a selection of pictures taken in and around the town including a number of spectacular sea views and a number of the most notable buildings in the town, including many that the Society, and its predecessor, the Civic Society , were active in helping to preserve. All of the pictures were taken by Bill Geddes, a past member of our Committee, and we are very grateful to have his permission to display them on the Web Site. We welcome new members with an interest in Worthing and aim to include on our Committee anyone with knowledge or experience of planning, legal or historical matters. We aim to be represented at relevant public enquiries and have already succeeded in modifying developer’s proposals which would have seriously affected a number of historic areas in Worthing. To join the Society go To  “APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP” on the Navigation Panel and print off the application form, complete and send to our Membership Secretary. To renew your membership go to “RENEW MEMBERSHIP” and print off the renewal slip, complete and send to our Membership Secretary with payment instructions. We welcome comments and criticisms on the work of the Society and encourage members and non-members alike to send us an E-Mail by clicking on the “CONTACT US button, which is situated underneath the Navigation Panel at the left of each page,and will bring up your e-mail program to enable you to send a message to the Society. Or you can access our “FACEBOOK Page from the link situated below the “Contact Us” Button.                             BLUE PLAQUE SCHEME             For full details Link To:  Selection Process / List of Current Plaques / Criteria NAVIGATION   PANEL